Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Redemption is ours

Back on track.

In April I had the worst swim of my triathlon career in the gulf hugging a kayak in a state of panic and praying for shore. I made it through the 1500 meter swim but not without incident. In May Kerianne had her roughest swim ever in the very crowded water of Lake Houston at TriGirl.

It was time to let all of that go and get back to the fun of the sport.

June 10 I had my best tri ever at Sylvan Beach! The swim was nothing to write home about except that I made it through panic free with zero anxiety - SCORE! Then I followed through with a PR on both the bike (18.9mph for 19 miles) and run (11:41 for 5 miles). My Mom was there to see me race for the first time, it was a GREAT day.

This past weekend Kerianne had her first tri after TriGirl. 
After her very rough swim Ken and I both decided we would not mention triathlon and let Kerianne come to us when she was ready. We didn't have to wait long. Kerianne participated in the Kiwanis Kids Triathlon in Pearland at Liberty Park smiling ear to ear the entire time. She didn't ask her time or place until the day after. We are not there to win but to participate and have a great time. Mission accomplished!

We both had great races and are looking forward to another race on the calendar. Kerianne is looking at the Texas Kids Tri June 14 and I am excited about the Shadow Creek Ranch triathlon relay I will be biking with two of my amazing girlfriends June 15, good times ahead.