Friday, June 28, 2013

Full Swing

A lot has happened since my last post.  I won't go into the boring details, here are the high and low lights:

Kemah did not happen
Bought new house & moved in
Sold old house and closed
Brendan graduated from high school
Family came in town for graduation and were forced to help us move (NOT part of the plan).
Training took a backseat during a week of packing/moving and a couple of runs was it.

Ironman training is now in full swing.  Following the plan Ken (husband) and I put together with some guidance from the Fink book, my run coach and the amazing Liz Baugher professional triathlete and co-worker.

For the most part my plan builds for three weeks and is followed by a recovery week.  This is the last week of build and next week is recovery week.  Unfortunately, recovery week does not mean lots of sleep, pedicures (could really use one) and bon bons.  Recovery week means my long run is ONLY 1.5 hours and my long bike is 3 hours.
One adaptation I have made to my plan is to have my longer swims during recovery.  I don't have the time and energy to go long in all 3 right now, we will see if that will change.  So next week is shorter in the run, no change in bike and more swimming.

My bike training is pretty intense right now because my next event will be the Katy Flatlands Century.  This will be my first 100 mile bike ride.  The wonderful news is Ken does my weekend riding with me.  During the week a small group of women meet for a 23 mile ride, I take a spin class with a tri group at the YMCA on Friday and I joined an amazing group of women training for Tour de Pink.  We are team Wonder Woman and are working together to raise money for breast cancer.  This is a link to my donation page, everything helps.

I hope the link works this site won't allow me to imbed the link .