Monday, November 26, 2012

I got in!

Ironman Arizona sold out in 40 seconds according to WTC.

I lost sleep worrying about whether I would get in.

Ken and I sat side by side on two computers each logged into my Active account refreshing over and over waiting for the 'Register' button to appear.  It popped up on my screen first and I started typing furiously skipping the non required fields trying to get to the payment page as fast as possible.  Credit card information in (WOW That was a fast $700!) submit......... Confirmation!

I never had that 'what am I doing? Or what did I do?' moment. It was meant to be. Many others tried to register that day and did not get in.  I don't know anybody else racing but my family and friends will be cheering in Arizona or wherever else they are. 

I am excited! I've been reading every Ironman Arizona race report I can get my hands on.  It will be hard and a very long day but for the first time in a long time I feel proactive, I am a woman with a plan.

1.  Stay injury free.

2.  Train.

3.   Get to the start line.

4.  Take what the day gives me and make the best of it.

5.  Be thankful.