Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ugly Run Day

Last Tuesday just two days after my 5K PR I had a great 10 mile run.  It started out good, I felt great the whole time and I exceeded my expectations for my pace finishing with my fastest mile.  My overall pace for that 10 mile run was 11:49.

Yesterday coach had 13 miles on my plan.  My training at the end of last week and this past weekend was not spot on as Ken and I were able to take a little couple weekend away which did not include triathlon training.  I asked coach about the jump from 10 miles last week to 13 this week.  She said if it was easier to wrap my head around 12 that would be OK.  Why, yes, 12 sounds SO MUCH EASIER than 13.  13 is a race.  I have done 13 exactly two times, both were races.  Why would I do 13 in training?  LOL 

I just decided 13 is only a race number.  We all know it is unlucky so why would you do it if you didn't have to?  I worked in hotels for years and the 13th floor is almost always used for storage rather than guest rooms.  Having said that 12 didn't feel very lucky yesterday.  The plan was to repeat last week start off slow for the first couple of miles and then do what feels good.  Nothing felt good.  I should have known I was in trouble when the first mile felt long.

I have been doing my long runs in Terry Hershey park.  I generally go just past half way for distance and turn around.  The out and back prevents me from cutting my runs short which I would have definitely done yesterday if I was on a shorter loop.

I tried a new hydration bottle yesterday.  It is a Camelbak bottle bigger than my Fuel Belt bottle I usually carry.  I realized immediately it was difficult to store the bottle in my Lululemon Dart and Dash shorts so I held the bottle for the first two miles until it was a bit lighter and I could store in the side pocket.  During mile 4 the bottle popped out and when I heard it hit the ground I was able to retrieve it.  Yesterday I turned around shortly after the 6 mile mark.  Once I turned around I stopped my watch and took a minute to put in my earbuds and use my ipod Shuffle.  I don't use music when I run outside but with this long solo run I thought it might come in handy.  I am so glad I had that music to get me through the next six miles.  Unfortunately, because I had the music I did not hear when my bottle full of Cytomax hit the ground somewhere around mile 6.  I reached for that bottle at 7 and it was gone.  Going back wasn't an option, I had no desire to add mileage to this already miserable run and I was short on time having to pick the girls up from school.  The good news is this park has plenty of water fountains, I got through just fine.

The last 2 miles were painful, there was walking.  I told myself this is a good mental day because the Ironman is going to hurt and I will have to keep going.  At the end of the run I could not fathom going another 14.2.  A marathon is a long way.  Then I reminded myself this was my longest training run by 2 miles.  Back when I started running in 2009 two miles was 4 times around the YMCA track and I couldn't do it without stopping.  I've come a long way baby.

The pace for those 12 miles? 11:46 but the finish was Uuuuuugly!

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