Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Long Run Perspective

Yesterday was another two hour run.  I am currently coached by Adrienne Langalier who has me running by heart rate.  To determine my zones I did a threshold test a few weeks ago and based off my max heart rate I was given my training zones.  Long runs are zone 2 which means incredibly, terribly slow for me.  While I hate using the term slow when referring to running we are talking a pace 12:30-13:15 depending on temperature, humidity and distance of the run.

After only one months use my Garmin heart rate monitor is no longer working.  While going up a hill at a pace that should be zone 3 my heart rate was reading somewhere in the 80s.  This was pretty annoying but I took advantage and went a bit faster than I knew I was supposed to.  The result of going just a little faster over a 2 hour period was how I felt when I was finished compared to my last two hour run.  My body was pretty darn grumpy at the end of the run yesterday.              

The good news is Ken has been able to do some of my training with me.  Yesterday we did a 4.25 out and back on the Faulke Gully then a 1 mile loop.  He had to get to work so I ran the next out and back solo.
Often times when I run I use mantras but usually not until I am hurting or incredibly bored.  Yesterday I just let my mind wander thinking about the coming week.  I came off the trail and turned right to head home I noticed an older gentleman sitting in a wheelchair in his driveway and my first thought was he was recovering from some kind of surgery.  However as I came upon him I noticed both legs had been amputated below the knee and by the look of the bandages this was recent.  I wasn't sure whether to ignore him or say something.  Then I thought he probably gets ignored a lot.  I looked right at him and said "Good morning!" he smiled right back and wished me a good day.  I got chills.  I thought this man would probably give anything to have both his legs and be able to run or go for a walk with his wife or grandchildren.  At that moment I felt so grateful that my body lets me do what I want to do. I picked up my pace repeating to myself "You have legs, you should run!"  I can pretty much guarantee I was in zone 4.

Any day you can run is a good day. 


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