Monday, November 1, 2010

Less than a week to go

This was the kind of week you hope for leading up to a big race.  After the rough swim in the relay it was important for me to get some good wetsuit time.  I headed down to Lake 288 Friday evening and had a very nice swim.  Later that evening Ken and I had a little date at a local seafood restaurant. 
Saturday morning Dori and I headed out to the Pattison/Belleville area for my last long ride.  The temperature was perfect and I got in 43 great miles.  Saturday evening the family headed to Steak n Shake to celebrate Avery’s Birthday, it was her choice.  Her birthday wasn’t until Sunday but having a Halloween birthday means changing up the celebration a bit sometimes.
Woke up Sunday and was glad to see my heel wasn’t swollen from Saturday’s ride.  I headed down to 288 again for more time in the wetsuit.  I swam 1.2 miles consecutive so I would have an idea what it felt like and get an idea of my time.  I was happy with my swim time and would be ecstatic to swim that on race day but with traffic and nerves it is unlikely.    Rumor has it I will be in the first wave which helps matters as the water won’t be as choppy but that has not been confirmed.  Sunday afternoon it was all about Avery’s birthday and getting Halloween ready.  I ran some errands after the lake and Avery opened her presents and had some ice cream cake before costume time.  The girls had a great time trick-or-treating and my foot/heel didn’t bother me at all during the festivities.
We got home from trick-or-treating and had a message on the machine from my Dad, he was calling to wish Avery a happy birthday and said something about needing to talk to me about flights.  What?  I talked with my Dad Friday evening and he seemed pretty sure he wasn’t going to make the trip.  I was pretty bummed but I understood.  Finding out he was going to make it after all had me over the moon.  I was excited about my race all over again.  On a few of my tough runs I pictured my Dad being at the finish line as motivation.  Knowing he was going to make it is great news but also makes me feel just a tad more pressure.  Dad isn’t a fan of flying and has been on a plane maybe 5 times in his life, he is taking two planes to get to Houston the night before my race.  WOW!
Kerianne & Avery  


  1. Love the pic of the girls in their costumes - so cute! It sounds like you've completed all the hard work it takes to get to the start, and I am sure you will do great! I know it will be that much better having your Dad there to cheer you on.

  2. 3rd wave athenas; 6th wave over 35 ladies. I think I'm last. :(

  3. HI Keri- will be following ya' all the way from PA. :) you are on the "home stretch".