Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tick Tock

12 hours and counting folks.  I managed to keep myself pretty busy today.  My wonderful husband encouraged me to get a pedicure which was long overdue so now I have bright red toenails with stars on them!    When I got home I browned some Italian sausage and put it along with some basil and vodka tomato sauce in the crock pot to simmer all day (our traditional pre-tri meal).  I met my great friend Karen on my way to packet pick up, we enjoyed a cup of coffee outside in this beautiful weather and she did a great job keeping me distracted.  Packet pick up was uneventful but it was good for me to see the swim course, I am pretty excited about the swim!
Today the emotions have been close to the surface.  This morning Ken and I were watching You Tube videos of various Ironman events and just about every one had me on the verge of tears.  Tomorrow is a big day.  I’ve thought about this race for many months and the realization it is here is a bit overwhelming.  I don’t want to let anyone down.  My Dad gets in from California later tonight, my husband, kids, awesome friends and my coach have expectations and so do I.
The reality is I can only control what I can.  There is so much in a race I cannot control and success means rolling with the punches, taking what the day gives me and making adjustments.  I am more excited than anxious.  My coach and I have discussed last minute details.  I’ve made my wardrobe decisions, practiced putting everything on and gone over my nutrition.  Ken took great care of Dori cleaning her up, changing her tires and greasing her chain while I was out today and she is ready to go!
My wave gets the gun at 7:08, I look forward to the swim as I navigate and glide through the water.  The bike will bring challenging hills and gorgeous scenery.  The run will bring my family and friends likely screaming their heads off and encouraging me to just keep going. 
The messages, e-mails and texts from my tri community have been overwhelming, I am so very blessed.
Time for me to make it my truth.


  1. I will be thinking about you all day! Go get em!

  2. Our only expectation is that you meet your own expectations. Finish strong and all the love you need is waiting for you!

  3. The only expectations everyone has of you is that you enjoy yourself. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to please everyone!!! Just have a good race! You'll be fine! Good luck and see you at the finish line!!!!!!

  4. Have a great race!

    My expectations are always surpassed whether you toe this line or cross this finish - this is all about you babe. Enjoy your first 70.3.