Friday, October 15, 2010

Dork Factor

At the insistence of my chiropractor, Dr. Cadena, yesterday I started aqua jogging.  I felt my dork factor go up immediately, surely I am too young to wear a floatation belt but a lot of the experts really think aqua jogging is the best thing for an injured runner to do.  The fact that the cute 18 year old lifeguard was looking at me strange didn’t help matters. 
In the past week I was slowly increasing my mileage, running 4 miles Wednesday.  It wasn't a bad run, my cardiot felt great and I enjoyed the wonderful weather we are having, I missed Longenbaugh.  At the time my foot was aggravated but I wouldn’t say I was in pain, the pain came later in the day and it was pretty bad.
The suggestion is to do no running at all for the next two weeks, allow my foot to heal and go for a 6-7 mile run a week before Iron Star.  Of course I have no idea if this is going to work but I am going to give it a try, I am determined to race Iron Star!
I rode the course with Ken again last weekend.  Actually I rode the course + 9 miles.  We are increasing my bike distance and swim intensity to offset my non-running.  Best case scenario I have a great swim, very good bike and survive the run.  Pain free would be lovely but I’m not counting on it.
In Mama news – Brendan got a new pig Monday, his name is Beau and as of yesterday weighs 45 pounds!  Brendan is in FFA, raised a pig last year and did very good at auction.  This year he is rolling all his money from last year into the pig, pen and feeding expenses so he gets to keep whatever he makes at auction in February.

Cory is a senior this year and in a program at school called Ready-Set-Teach, he spends 2 hours a day 3 days a week teaching kindergarten at the elementary school he attended.  He has decided his future is in secondary education but he enjoys going and the kids love him!
Kerianne started swim lessons this week.  The plan is to get her ready for swim team which starts November 1.  She has to be able to swim the length of the pool to get on the team.  Her instructor had her swim as far as she could on her first day and she made it almost the entire length.  She made huge improvements in the first lesson and LOVES it!
Last but certainly not least today is Ken’s 40th birthday!  We have big plans starting with a Nickelback concert this evening, he has a bike ride with Justin tomorrow, family time with the kids, dinner out with the whole family and a night race (NASCAR).  Happy Birthday Honey!

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