Thursday, October 7, 2010

Iron Star?

The road to Iron Star has not been a direct route and I am still not 100% sure this road will lead to Iron Star but it is looking much better.
There is good news – I ran yesterday, it was my first run since my heel injury.  My last run was Friday, September 10, almost a month ago!  The run went well, it was short and on the track behind the Y, I went 2 miles at a 12 minute pace.  The first mile felt awesome but I have to admit I was pretty gassed by the end of the second mile, really hoping that fitness comes back fast.
I had an ART appointment with Dr. Cadena already set up which I was happy about since I did feel some IT band tension.  He noticed some swelling so I iced it before my ride yesterday afternoon and again last night.  The heel looks good this morning.
Other good news is the Iron Star bike course, I rode it Sunday with Justin and Ken.  We started from La Torretta Resort, Justin rode with me while Ken drove the Sienna Swagger SAG Wagon, he would drive ahead so we knew where to turn and also provided the first two bottle hand ups so I could practice grabbing a bottle and not wrecking at the same time.  At some point the guys switched, Ken rode with me and Justin gave me the last bottle hand up.  The course is gorgeous!  Ken brought a camera but didn't have the chance to get any shots.  I LOVED this course, the weather was perfect and it made for a beautiful morning but I also felt if the race doesn't happen it will be evern more heart breaking if the race doesn't happen. 

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  1. Good to hear you are doing better Keri!

    I love the IronStar bike course too. Especially the Montgomery County sections. Got an email this morning that said they changed the run course to a 3 looper all in the resort grounds. This is very cool because it looks like now we can avoid Walden Road - which sucks!

    Hope to see you out there Keri!