Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Elevation is hard to come by here in supa-flat Houston.  I can feel my HR climb when I use the little ramp from the street to the sidewalk, that tells you how much I love FLAT.  I was hopping (only one good foot) when I found out the run for my Half Ironman had become more flat than the run in previous years.

We have a great race director and series of races here in Houston OnUrMark puts on a helluva race!  My 2010 season started with their Gateway to the Bay Olympic distance where they took us a mile into the gulf and we reluctantly jumped off a boat only to swim back to shore.  This little dip was followed by a challenging bike ride where the race director, felt compelled to challenge us with man made elevation, going over the Kemah Bridge FOUR times!  The run that followed was beautiful and fun with the locals hanging out in their lawns cheering us on. 

Imagine my dismay when I recently learned we would be RUNNING over said bridge, TWICE!  My knees started crying and my hips locked up in an effort to boycott my 2011 tri plans.  Apparently now the bike is nice and flat but the run not so much.  The thing is I like a hilly bike.  When you ride your bike on a hill you get to enjoy the Weeeeee all the way down.  When you run up the hill you have to first try not to die by cardiac arrest on your way up and going down you're trying not to die via asphalt.  As much as I don't look forward to the ascent it's the descent that is scaring the poo out of me!

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  1. I hear you on the descents. PLENTY of hills at the Nike run in SF. Going up was painful, but I was laser focused coming down. After falling the prior month and getting some serious road rash on a flat pavement, I was NOT wanting a repeat performance on a hill.

    That said, our view coming down the hill was gorgeous.

    Just think of all the speed you'll gain on the bike without hills!