Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sunrise Swim

On days like today when I really don’t want to get in the pool I think of this picture.  Those tiny specs off in the distance are boats that have just dropped some slightly unbalanced triathletes a mile off shore to swim to the ramp you see at the bottom of the picture.

I keep reminding myself that I thought this was a fun swim last year, challenging but fun.
All the women were on the same boat and while we were shivering and chatting you could feel the anticipation.  I’d be willing to say everyone was a bit anxious and some were downright terrified.

We were told to get off the boat before the wave ahead of us had even been given the gun.  We jumped off and started towards the buoys when the wave of red caps ahead of us was given their start.  We got to the buoys we were supposed to start at and tread water for 5 minutes when the gun went off!  The water was a bit choppy from a Friday evening/Saturday morning storm and the current was pretty strong left to right.  Once we took off there was nothing in the water we could see to sight off.  I was glad I had picked out the blue and white lighthouse while still on the boat.

I remember having to turn further to breathe because of waves so I was able to see the sky and thought ‘today is a great day to be a triathlete’! 
58 days and counting!!!

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  1. Yay, great post! If I don't do Lone Star, I may be there on the boat shivering with you! :-)