Monday, February 21, 2011


Consistency is key. We all know it and yet it remains elusive when we are not ready to commit 100%.
I get asked often how I have time to train for triathlon with 5 kids. The answer is I have to make time. Nobody is going to hand me a pretty wrapped box full of time. When I let things happen rather than make things happen my training gets spotty. February is not pretty. Of the first 20 days in February I have completed 15 workouts. For most folks that would be great but if you are a triathlete you know I have missed workouts.
I could give you a long list of the things that have gotten in my way but that doesn’t serve a purpose other than me trying to justify and make excuses. Yes, there were days workouts were not possible but there were also days I could have made something happen and didn’t.
I am also realizing fear is a great motivating factor. When I was training for the half ironman distance there was a good amount of fear motivating me. My next race is a repeat, I have an idea what to expect, I have completed all the distances so I know I can do it. The motivation has to be improving on what I have already done and trust me there is plenty of room for improvement. I want to be prepared for the distances and conquer them rather than feel conquered by them. I have done too many races where I felt the race chewed me up and spit me out. I need to be consistent if I want to feel good during and after the race.
Time to make it happen and get ‘let’ out of my vocabulary.

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