Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making Time

With 5 children I get asked often how I find the time to train for and race triathlon.  The short answer is I have to make time.  The summer months were easy, my older 2 children are teenagers and attend public school with a traditional schedule, they were awesome at helping watch the girls while I went for a swim, run or bike ride.

Now that school has started I am forced to be more creative.  Making matters a bit more challenging, I homeschool my younger children.  We have a family membership at the Langham Creek YMCA I check the girls in and swim or go for a run outside.  When the boys get home from school I take the opportunity to ride my bike. 

Of course I have days I'd rather hang out on the couch and catch up on bad TV but I enjoy training and having a race on the calendar keeps me motivated.

My husband races as well and we have to work at coordinating our weekend training, taking turns for our long training day.

It's not easy, we are always busy and there is usually something going on but we work hard at keeping a happy balance.

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