Friday, September 17, 2010


Sometimes the only thing you can do is surrender because you simply cannot control what is going on.
I am practicinig this right now with an Achilles injury.  I was having pain during my run so we stopped that.  Both my coach and doc thought cycling as OK because it doesn’t bother me much when I am on the bike.  I did notice pain when I was pulling and using more torque, going up hill or starting from a stopped position. 
I haven’t run in a week and the foot isn’t getting better, it’s actually getting worse.  Deductive reasoning tells us the bike is aggravating the Achilles injury causing swelling and pain with walking.
Initially the reality of this injury was very frustrating.  I have an Olympic distance triathlon on the calendar September 26 and need to continue training for the Iron Star HIM November 7.  Today though while at Dr. Cadena’s office I realized it was time to surrender.  My body is talking to me and it’s time for me to listen.  So no long ride this Sunday and I see lots of swimming in my future.
On a good note it is Cy-Falls Homecoming weekend!  Tonight is the game at Pridgeon stadium against Cy-Creek and tomorrow night is the Homecoming dance at The Berry Center.  This year we have a senior and a sophomore attending homecoming with dates entailing Mums for each girl (to be worn Friday at school and the game), a corsage (for the dance),football game tickets,  homecoming dance tickets, dinner and ties to match dresses.  The good news is our lawn has been well manicured by boys eager to earn money to pay for homecoming.  The bad news is neither have volunteered to clean out the van for money, I think they are afraid of what they might find.
And for those of you not from the south and unfamiliar with the mum tradition here is a picture of the mum my sons girlfriend wore to school today and will be wearing to the game this evening.

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